The Analects of Confucius (Lunyu)

For more than 2000 years, this anthology of Confucius’ wisdom has had a great influence on Eastern culture and society. Even today, it continues to serve as a rich source of inspiration and guidance on personal cultivation, interpersonal relations, leadership, and more. Widely recognized as one of human civilization’s great classics, it is a profound work with timeless relevance.

Khenpo Sodargye, a contemporary Buddhist master, will take a fresh approach to teaching the Analects by bringing Buddhist philosophy into dialogue with the ideas of Confucius. Drawing on his own insight and learning, he will offer practical advice on applying ancient wisdom in modern life for the benefit of oneself and others. Not only will this course develop students’ understanding and appreciation of ancient Eastern philosophy, it will also foster their insight into moral leadership and group culture, individual ethical growth, and the path to achieving harmony in family and social relations.


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