Sutra on Generating the Supreme Aspiration of Bodhisattvas

There were only a few sutras that H.H. Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche taught in his lifetime. The Sutra on Generating the Supreme Aspiration of Bodhisattvas was one of them. This teaching was given by His Holiness in 1997.

This sutra describes how five hundred bodhisattvas abandoned the bodhisattva path due to heavy negative karma that they had collected in the past. Instructed by Maitreya, sixty of them paid a visit to the Buddha to ask why this had happened. The Buddha pointed out their negative karma and its consequences. He further taught the way to attain liberation in this degenerate age and detailed several kinds of faults that obstruct the ability of new bodhisattvas to generate the supreme aspiration. So it’s essential for practitioners in this age to study this sutra. It enables us to clearly realize our faults on the spiritual path and helps us to avoid these hazards; thus allowing us to succeed in our Dharma practice.


Audios (with simultaneous English translation)

For your reference: The Noble Mahāyāna Sūtra “Inspiring Determination”

Please notice that the oral interpretation of the text of this sutra is based on the Chinese version translted by Bodhiruci from Sanskrit, so there might be some differences from the 84000 English translation which was translated from the Tibetan version.