Always Remember

His Holiness Jigme Phuntsok was a prominent teacher in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. He was recognized as a tertön and renowned for his mastery of Dzogchen and his visionary activities, including the establishment of the nonsectarian Buddhist community of Larung Gar, one of the largest monastic settlements in the world and a vibrant Buddhist teaching center that has contributed enormously to the resurgence of Buddhism in China.

In memory of the thirteenth anniversary of Rinpoche’s passing, this book was compiled of his precious and renowned teachings. It includes stories of the lives of great masters, as well as teachings on the principle of cause and effect, keeping an open mind toward all religious traditions, spreading the Dharma and benefiting sentient beings, and mastering what to adopt and what to abandon. Readers will also learn about Tibetan culture, customs, and the many kinds of Tibetan tulkus. His Holiness Jigme Phuntsok’s heartfelt advice on how to improve interpersonal relationships enables us to live with more ease and joy.


The Great Perfection can liberate sentient beings through seeing, hearing, and touching it. If someone possesses excellent fortune, then even if they are unable to practice it in this life they will still attain perfect unsurpassable enlightenment.

Nadie puede estar aquí para siempre. Por ello, cuando llegue la hora de morir, ninguna palabra podrá beneficiarnos excepto el Darma. Por ello debemos aplicarnos en la práctica de Darma.

Not a single one of us can stay here forever. That is why at the time of death, not a single word of anything else will benefit us aside from the Dharma. Hence we must apply ourselves to Dharma practice.

À la question, « Quel est le Dharma authentique qui apportera des bénéfices au moment de la mort ? », la réponse est de cultiver la foi et la compassion et d’intérioriser les enseignements de la Grande Perfection. Ces aspects du Dharma assureront que c’est la dernière renaissance que vous prendrez dans le samsara. Il n’y a rien de plus sublime que cela.

If you ask, “what is the authentic Dharma that will bring benefit at the time of death?” The answer is to cultivate faith and compassion and to internalize the teachings of the Great Perfection. These aspects of Dharma will ensure that this is the last rebirth you will take in samsara. There is nothing greater than this.



This pure realm does not require our own force of purification because Buddha Amitabha has already set things up for us. To be born there is just like a child returning to its home, since it is not so difficult, everyone should focus on rebirth there without distraction.