My Heart Advice and Secret Pith Instructions

To commemorate the 16th Parinirvana of His Holiness Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche, we are very honored to release the talk His Holiness gave in Nova scotia, Canada, My Heart Advice and Secret Pith Instructions , in 16 languages.

In 1993, His Holiness Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche traveled around the world for three months. This was a significant journey which connected the Three Jewels to numerous people around the world. My Heart Advice and Secret Pith Instructions was a public speech that His Holiness gave in Canada on this trip in which His Holiness explained the three types of faith towards the Three Jewels.

To develop a firm conviction on the Guru and the Three Jewels is crucial for Dharma practitioners and this is the first step for anyone who seeks spiritual enlightenment. As Patrul Rinpoche said in The Words of My Perfect Teacher , it is only through faith that the absolute truth can be realized. In his talk My Heart Advice and Secret Pith Instructions , His Holiness offered us special pith instructions on how to cultivate a strong faith in the Three Jewels, and shared his insights in personal spiritual practice.

The speech was originally given in Tibetan and has now been translated into 15 languages including Chinese , English , Spanish , Hebrew , Portuguese , Japanese , German , French , Italian , Korean , Swedish , Dutch , Polish , Vietnamese , Swahili . On the 16th anniversary of the departure of His Holiness Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche, it is our hope that the heartfelt advice derived from his wisdom and compassion can provide inspiration to more people and guide them onto the path to true freedom.


Il n’y a pas que cela, car pour pratiquer les dharmas enseignés par Bouddha, tels que le Shravakayana, le Mahayana et le Mantrayana, il est nécessaire de posséder un corps humain pour accomplir la réalisation spirituelle.

Buddha Shakyamuni presented teachings in three vehicles corresponding to the vows of the Protimoksha, the Bodhisattva and the Vajrayana. Only one who has obtained a precious human rebirth is able to practice these teachings and to achieve their accomplishment.

Buda enseñó a los seres sintientes los métodos para lograr un estado temporal de felicidad, así como las vías para conseguir la budeidad, que es un estado en el que se reúnen todas las capacidades milagrosas. De entre todas sus cualidades, las acciones de Buda de ofrecer estas enseñanzas a los seres sintientes son las más supremas.

The Buddha taught living beings the methods of achieving a temporary state of happiness as well as the paths to attain Buddhahood, a state which contains all miraculous abilities. Of all of his qualities, the Buddha’s activities in giving these teachings to living beings are the most supreme.

Quais são as práticas saudáveis e virtuosas? Resumidamente, é considerar nunca prejudicar os outros e desenvolver amor e compaixão por todos os seres vivos.

What are the wholesome and virtuous practices? In brief, it is to have the consideration of never harming others and to develop love and compassion towards all living beings.


As followers of the Buddha, one’s only goal is to bring benefits to oneself and to others. This is something that one should work hard to attain.

Kwa hivyo, ikiwa tutalinganisha kile unachoweza kupata kupitia juhudi za maisha yako yote ya kufanya kazi, faida ambazo umepata leo katika kipindi hiki kidogo zimekuwa na maana zaidi.

If we compare what you can earn through the efforts of your entire working life, the benefits you’ve obtained today in just this small amount of time has been more meaningful.

My Heart Advice and Secret Pith Instructions in 16 languages

“As long as you don’t abandon the Three Jewels, you can gain happiness and benefit in this life and you will no longer be forced to take rebirth in the three lower realms.”

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