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The Tashi Triling Nursing Home was set up in 2007 at the foot of Mount Hayagriva, where the Tashi Triling Retreat Center is located. The home provides free residence, food and other necessities. It aims to assist the local elderly who sincerely devote the rest of their lives to Dharma practice. The nursing home also provides all necessary support for the residents’ Dharma practice.

As Khenchen once said, “When people grow old, they become physically weak. More importantly, each step becomes crucial, for it is getting close to the end of this life, nearing the next.  Rather than receiving the transference of consciousness performed for them when they are dying or after their death, they will benefit more if they practice the Dharma while still alive.” Since the home’s establishment, some residents have passed away peacefully, while some have shown high spiritual achievement at death.