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The Tashi Triling Hospital is a charity hospital affiliated to the Tashi Triling Retreat Center. It is the fulfillment of Khenchen Sherab Zangpo Rinpoche’s wish to provide local villagers with better and more convenient healthcare and medical services.

In January 2016, the hospital formally commenced its services, which include modern as well as traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicines. It provides medical treatment of common illnesses, such as flu and cold, rheumatism, trauma surgery and so on. It also provides emergency aid to cases like heart attack. Since its opening, the hospital has achieved good reputation and even attracts herdsmen from remote areas.

The hospital often invites senior doctors and medical specialists to give lectures and training to its staff.  Besides, courses and workshops on Tibetan medicine will be available soon.  Currently, the hospital is still in need of long-term doctors and nurses. Volunteers are also welcome.